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1858 Carbine

Warranty Service for Beretta 1858 Carbine
(Product Code: UB0120)


Limited 1 Year Warranty: Your Uberti/Beretta black powder gun, purchased from the Beretta web store at, is covered under a limited 1 year warranty. If your firearm has malfunctioned due to a defect in manufacturing or workmanship within one year of the purchase date you are entitled to have your gun repaired free of charge.

Please see below for the details of the warranty repair process, and to schedule a warranty repair for your gun.

If your gun is out of warranty and you wish to order replacement parts, please see the 1858 Carbine parts page.

To purchase this gun, please visit the Beretta online store at

Warranty Claims

  • You are required to pay a flat fee of $15 to cover shipping charges associated with your warranty repair.
  • Upon completing the order form, we will ship to you a special padded box with a pre-paid shipping label attached. You will need to remove the outer wrapping on the box, pack your gun inside, seal the box and arrange for the box to be picked up by UPS.
  • When the gunsmith complete repairs on your gun, he will return it to you immediately. If your gun is deemed to not be under warranty, you will be given the option to have the gun professionally repaired for a extra fee.

Your gun is under warranty if:

Your gun is not under warranty if:

  • It was purchased from the Beretta online store.
  • It was purchased within the past year.
  • It has not been modified in any way.
  • It has not been abused or used in a manner not recommended in the owner's manual.
  • It has been modified or gunsmithed in any way.
  • It was purchased more than 1 year ago.

You may contact us if you need any additional information or gun parts via email or phone 860-435-8068. For expedited service, be sure to identify yourself as a Beretta customer.

Please read the information above, check the boxes below and click "Schedule a warranty repair" below to begin.

Schedule a warranty repair