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Frequently asked Questions

Who made my gun?

If your gun says "Made in Italy", it was manufactured by one of several different Italian reproduction gun makers. We carry parts for guns marked A.Uberti, flli Pietta, Armi San Marco, Armi Sport/Chiappa, and Davide Pedersoli. These guns have, over the years, been imported to the US by companies such as Navy Arms, EMF, Cimarron and others, who also put their markings on the guns.

The first step to identifying your gun is to look the manufacturer's name, from above stamped on the barrel or frame of the gun. If you don't find the name spelled out, you may see one of these stampings used by different manufacturers. Be sure to look all around, including under the barrel and even under the ejector housing.


Armi San Marco - this company has been out of business for some time, but we still have some parts available. Uberti - This stamping is not used on current production guns, but we carry a full selection of Uberti parts. Pietta - We carry a large selection of parts for Pietta pistols.

What are the 'Hardened' screws all about?

Many of the screws we sell are available in both as they come from the factory and in a hardened form. Many people find that screws from the Uberti factory are unnecessarily soft, so we've had our expert metallurgist harden many of the screws we sell. After hardening they are substantially more durable, less likely to be damaged, and retain their original blue finish. Hardened screws are available for most popular Uberti models, and as complete kits for some of the guns.
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